Moot Participants 2022

Alberta (University of) – Team 12

Appellants: Lisa Wang and Akash Purewal

Respondents: Zachary Gee and Mark Stevens

British Columbia (University of), Allard School of Law – Team 2

Appellants: Alvin Pang and Lara Lampe

Respondents: Arkie Liu and Darian Boosheri

Calgary (University of) – Team 1

Appellants: Rebecca Skinner and Dantae Gagnier

Respondents: Joseph Woolley and Jon Peters

Dalhousie University – Team 6

Appellants: Sonja Gashus and Victoria Douglas

Respondents: Talal Murtaza and Sterling Edmonds

Manitoba (University of) – Team 14

Appellants: Alisen Kotyk and Melanie Benedict

Respondents: Johanna Thiessen and Jillian Klassen

Montréal (Université de) – Team 13

Appellants: Julie Aubin Perron and Shawn Woodman

Respondents: Mélissa Fontaine and Gong Chen

New Brunswick (University of) – Team 16

Appellants: Alexander Sheppard and Logan Walters

Respondents: Ben Roizes and Madison Janes

Osgoode Hall Law School, York University – Team 7

Appellants: Alex Amstutz and Mostafa Mirzada

Respondents: Bassel Hussein and Shazad Omarali

Ottawa (University of) – Team 15

Appellants: Emma Huang and Henry Gray

Respondents: Trent Abraham and Simeon Kirimidtchiev

Queen’s University – Team 8

Appellants: Brandan Ignazzitto and Nicole Demirov

Respondents: Bryant  Godkin and Giorgina Chum

Saskatchewan (University of) – Team 5

Appellants: Muhammad Riaz and Robeah Sayee

Respondents: Valerie Kvale and Ian Schatz

Sherbrooke (Université de) – Team 11

Appellants : Lara Bujold and Catherine Balogh

Respondents : Ann-Frédérique Bourgault and Audrey Fecteau

Thompson Rivers University – Team 10

Appellants: Ashwin Gupta and Aaron Walchuk

Respondents: Jesse Avery and Thomas Deneka

Toronto (University of) – Team 3

Appellants: Zachary Wallace and Dylan Juschko

Respondents: Zoey Chau and Chuxi Wang

Western University – Team 9

Appellants: Tom Leschinski and Claire Balas

Respondents: Ainsley Leguard and Daniel Gagliardi

Windsor (University of) – Team 4

Appellants: Rushi Chakrabati and Corey Bennett

Respondents: Sam Lewis and Krystal Taylor

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