Moot participants 2021

Alberta (University of) – Team 8

Appellants: Natasha Tymchuk and Prabhjot Punnia

Respondents: Yan Gao and Olivia Wang

British Columbia (University of), Allard School of Law – Team 14

Appellants: Mudit Jain and Chelsea Colwill

Respondents: Bryan Knopf and Connor Punch

Calgary (University of) – Team 4

Appellants: Zackary Kirsch and Kara Cao

Respondents: Ana Cherniak-Kennedy and Jesse Stilwell

Dalhousie University – Team 12

Appellants: Laura Burlock and Christopher Mallard

Respondents: Alanna Meyer and Samuel Beuerle

Manitoba (University of) – Team 11

Appellants: Allison Kilgour and David Barbour

Respondents: Jayelle Friesen and Mark Packulak

Montréal (Université de) – Team 15

Appellants: Alexander Rougas and Yu Chen Ding

Respondents: Jin Ge Li and Valentina Danielova Gueorguieva

New Brunswick (University of) – Team 9

Appellants: Blaine Cowan and Lucas Savini

Respondents: Josh Merrigan and Stuart Wallace

Osgoode Hall Law School, York University – Team 7

Appellants: Portia Biswas and William Wilson

Respondents: Solomiya Zakharchuk and Daniel Mount

Ottawa (University of) – Team 6

Appellants: Hyrum Sutton and Marissa Young

Respondents: Mona Shadid and Scarlett Forest

Queen’s University – Team 16

Appellants: Caine Chapman and Katarina Wasielewski

Respondents: Meg Malakian and Steven Kelly

Saskatchewan (University of) – Team 1

Appellants: Mark Berlin and Tim Haggstrom

Respondents: Emma Ashworth and Jesse Stanich

Sherbrooke (Université de) – Team 13

Appellants : Magalie Roux and Noémie Perrault

Respondents : Vincent Beaupré and Amélie Greene

Thompson Rivers University – Team 2

Appellants: Kiran Mangat and Simran Oberoi

Respondents: Alisha Dhanjal and Jatinder Singh Gill

Toronto (University of) – Team 3

Appellants: Hannah Bourgeois and Caroline Harrell

Respondents: Thien Hoang and Lynne Westerhof

Western University – Team 5

Appellants: Jacob Williams and Mark Schumacher

Respondents: Julia Villeneuve and Chris Merrilees

Windsor (University of) – Team 10

Appellants: Sidney Brejak and Jennifer Lee

Respondents: Jonathan Wakelin and Adam Thibert

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